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Check out Fox’s new song and video!

Anonymous said: Do you have any specific breathing or meditation techniques to combat anxiety? Been reading through your answers about anxiety and really appreciate them! Also, have you tried any non-prescription anxiety medications that work for you? Like the stuff you can buy at organic stores. Thanks so much!!

I have a montra I repeat to myself while meditating.  That really helps me.  I like focused meditation because my thoughts can go everywhere, especially through a difficult time of anxiety.  If I’m on the verge of a panic attack I do the 16 second meditation, where you breathe in for four counts, hold for four counts, breathe out for 4 counts, and hold.  When you’re on the verge of a panic attack, you get short of breath and you can lose track of your breath and actually inhale too much oxygen.  It’s important to re focus your breath.  I use this quick breathing technique if i ever feel anxious in public, ill just excuse myself and go to a quiet place, maybe a public rest room, and breathe by myself. I also like to have a glass of water with me whenever i can.  I’ve never tried any stuff you can get at organic stores for anxiety, but some of my friends have oils and stuff you can buy that you can put under your tongue that helps with anxiety. I’m sure if you go in one of those stores your could ask the sales associate and they’d help you find something.


Anonymous said: What's your view on smoking weed

I’m pro smoking weed if it’s comfortable for you.  I know for a lot of people, now including myself, it can give people anxiety, and it can also increase depression, but for a lot of people it’s enjoyable. I don’t smoke anymore,  don’t smoke weed if you’re just smoking from peer pressure, smoke if you want to not for anyone else.

Anonymous said: hello anna! I've been listening to ur beautiful song like non-stop since yesterday (i fell asleep with it and woke up to it lol) and i'd like to know if u cld put up the lyrics somewhere - i'm French and I have troubles understanding everything by ear. thank u so so much lovely have an awesome day!!!

oh wow thank you so much <3 you have no idea how much that means to me! xxx

ANNA: my legs are shaken from the words you’re say

i can’t stop laughing you can’t stop preyin 
oh, boy you’re gonna wear yourself out
but the lip stick i was wearing is the lipstick all over your mouth
FOX: you better listen up, you better listen to me 
cause the number I’m counting to is the number three
im not joking laughing im not smoking anymore
i’m sick of calling you but i’m coming to your door 
all the things we use to do
all the things that i would do
ANNA: I need a drink get me another round
I need something to calms me down 
I’m always waiting while he creeps around
i hear a knock at the door 
but it can’t be him for sure  
FOX: come on baby come on let me in 
your hearts the heart that i want to win
I can not stop think bout the first time we met
my lighter was running low so you lit my cigarette    
all the things we use to do
all the thing we use to do
all the things we use to do
all the things we use to do
all the things that i would 
all the things that i would 
all the things that i would 
all the thing that i would do.  
Anonymous said: hey, I was just wondering when high school started getting fun for you? (maybe not the school p

High school is filled with angst and conflict, and people, and experiences.  I don’t know what you would define as “fun” because it’s kind of fun having an angsty period, I think every teen does, but I think high school was the most fun in grade 11 and 12 when I started to discover things about myself, my sexuality, my friends, and started to feel more comfortable in my skin, and started caring less about what other people thought of me.

Anonymous said: Hi Anna! Sorry to annoy you but I was just wondering where can I buy all of Fox's music? 🙊 xx! 

xxx <3 

Anonymous said: i love how your whole tumblr is like a questionaire !!! everyone comes to you for advice you could basically just call this like an ask anna tumblr --- it's so sweet ! <3

haha thank you <3 


Anonymous said: What is your hair/hair care routine? I have curly hair too and it's impossible to work with. Help!!

I brush my hair when it’s dry before I wash it then I shampoo and condition it with the macadamia shampoo and deep conditioner.  My hair tends to be dry so I use like the conditioner mask as an everyday conditioner.  And then I just let my hair air dry. I don’t really have a routine I just leave my hair as is, it’s kind of different everyday.