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girls gotta stick together
Anonymous said: do you and fox have an open relationship?

Very closed lol

Anonymous said: hi! are you and fox gonna be at the pop up show for the whole shift tomorrow or just part of it?

Yep! All day!



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"Oh Boy" by "Girls" - Headspace Cover - Toronto Acoustic Sessions

<3 <3 <3 

Anonymous said: dO you use the copper or hormonal (mirena) iud? please help i was on the pill and hated it and wondering what your experience has been like so far with the IUD? and i was curious if you used copper or the progestorone one? since my dr is a guy who keeps promoting the pill even tho i had a bad experience with it :/

I use the copper iud.  Seriously for me its been a life saver.  I’ve taken birth control and I had a really bad experience with it.  My mood was off and I didn’t feel right.  I switched doctors and got a great female doctor, and gynaecologist.  I think the copper IUD is great for if you have a long term partner, or you know for a fact the the person that you will be sexually active with is STI, and STD free.  The iud obviously doesn’t prevent sexually transmitted infections/diseases, but it is more affective than a lot of other methods including the pill for preventing pregnancies.  I haven’t had any major side effects from the IUD, other than maybe my period had gotten a bit heavier, but my period usually only lasts 4 days.  You may get worse cramps but it just all depends on the person.  The great thing about the IUD is that if after a while, you feel that it’s not for you, its super simple to get removed, and usually people don’t have any side effects, but I’m not a doctor.  That’s just been my experience with the IUD, and I’ve had my IUD for about a year and a half now.

Anonymous said: Where did you get your varsity jacket from?

I have a lot of varsity jackets, all of them are vintage.  If you live in toronto, I would say kensington is really great for finding varsity jackets.

Anonymous said: Now that you don't live with Petra, do you miss her a lot? Like around the house, and stuff? Because my sister's gonna move out of the country and i know that this is gonna be a great learning experience for her but i'm feeling really sad and melancholic. I know it's selfish but she's my best friend and one of the few people who understand me the most, and i'm gonna feel so lost and sad when she's gone. I'm just really scared and super sad and literally crying while i write this.

I know exactly how you feel, and before she left I thought I’d never be able to live without her.  I would cry at even the thought of her being far away.  But you have to know that it DOES get better, and as much as it hurts right now, you guys are sisters, and sisters are always connected no matter where you guys are.  With her living somewhere else, it actually makes it so special for when we do see each other.  And we talk and text every single day which helps.  It’s great that we have FaceTime and stuff because I still feel like she’s in my life every day.  Not only will you sister moving to a different country be a great learning experience for her, but you will also feel a lot more independent and you’ll learn a lot from this.  You guys will always have each other, and I really feel your pain, but just know that time does heel all wounds, and as time goes on you will adjust.  I find that communication is the most important thing.  You guys can still talk every day, and when you guys visit each other, it’ll be the best thing for you guys <3