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girls gotta stick together


SURPRISE! HeadSpace is playing a FREE show tonight at the Cavern! Come get fucked up and steal a car with us. 

wheres-captain-kirk said: On the 19th at Saving Gigi we play at 8pm and on the 20th at Christie Pits we play on the side stage at 3:15 :) thanks!

Great! I think Fox wants to go check you guys out! He’s playing a free show at the cavern at church and king this saturday! come! 

wheres-captain-kirk said: Hi Anna! I really like your blog and I've been listening to fox's music for a while & I really loved the song you did together :) my band is coming to Toronto (we're playing at the bloor ossington folk festival on the 19th). I know I don't really know you at all but I thought I'd ask you to come since not many people know us in toronto & you're really cool. So yes, bloor ossington folk fest on the 19th & 20th, if you're free, it would be really cool if you came! we're called The Lonely Parade :)

what time do you play?

Anonymous said: Your puppy is so cute. Just wondering what happened to Prince. Xx

Prince had a heart condition for a very long time, and I started to notice it more and more.  He took pills for it but that only slowed down the process of heart failure.  His heart was too big for his body.  A week before we had to put him down, I rushed him to the vet because he was having trouble breathing, so the vet put him on A LOT of medication and told us he had a few weeks to live.  Me and my family both decided that it wasn’t right to keep him alive for our selfish reasons, and it was naturally his time to go.  I was gone for a weekend with Fox to shoot for V magazine, and once I came home, it’s like he waited for me, because he got up for the first time in days and greeted me right at the door and gave me lots of love, and then his back legs gave out so me, my mom, and fox rushed him to the vet.  It was the hardest thing I think I ever had to do, and I will love him forever.  I held him the whole time and even after they put him down and ill never forget the feeling of having him in my arms.

Anonymous said: How tall are you?:)


Anonymous said: i just wanted to say i had super bad anxiety that started a couple of years ago when i began high school and it got really bad that i started to self harm(i stopped after a few months)idk i was too scared to tell anyone cos i didnt think theyd want to know.. last year i started to get my shit togther and began talking to my mum and friends and its getting better. your experiences and others on here make me realise i wasnt crazy and even though it was tough i can now manage it well, thanks xxxxx

That’s amazing! Its so nice to hear that, and it’s so true.  A part of recovering is seeing that you’re not alone.  Congrats, and its great that you’re getting so much support!


Anonymous said: You are a star🌟 and so is fox I hope his music gets recognised for the greatness it is. All the best for you and Fox 😘

thank you so much <3 

Anonymous said: Obsessed with your Instagram and your outlook on life-I aspire to be carefree and free spirited where I don't care what my friends or family or society for that matter thinks of me. You are an Inspiration just like Petra and tavi!

Aw thank you so much <33

Anonymous said: Would you say you are confident? If so what is your advice on being comfortable in your own skin? 😘

I find myself getting more and more confident each day.  I think as I get older, I care a lot less of what other people think of me, and I really just dress for myself and do things for my body that make me feel good.  I think the most important thing, and seriously EVERYONE struggles with it, is comparing ourselves.  It’s really hard to get out of the habit of doing it, especially because as women, as humans, we are so brought up with comparing ourselves.  I find once you escape the concept of trying to be someone else, and just be happy with being you, thats super important.  Its important to know that everyone has there own problems, things they don’t like about themselves, and no one is perfect, even if you’re looking at someone and think they have everything you want.  because really, they don’t.  Only you have the things you need to feel happy and good in your own skin.  Realizing that everyone is normal, and everyone thinks they have their own flaws so really who’s to judge? there is no one answer to how someone should look.  

also if someone is rude to you, or someone says something to you about your appearance, its really only about them and their insecurities, not about you. It may be hard to believe, but it is true and i think its part of growing up and realizing that.