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girls gotta stick together

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Anonymous said: Hi Anna, I was wondering do you ever suffer anxiety when it comes to your relationship with fox. I am in a relationship myself and I love my boyfriend more than anything, but sometimes I get so upset or anxious thinking about what could happen in the future. We are happy, but if one slight things happens eg a tiny disagreement I feel so anxious. I admire both you and fox & just wanted to know If every couple experiences it? 💖💖💖💖

first of all thank you so much and I totally get where you’re coming from and I’ve definitely experienced that.  Personally, I’m definitely the type of person that, if I have a conflict with someone I get super anxious and I won’t stop getting anxious until I confront/solve the issue. My anxiety revolves a lot around like stressing about the future and I catch myself because I’m really good at catastrophic thinking.  Like I think of crazy scenarios that would literally never happen, I usually try to talk out our disagreements right away. Like if we fight, it usually only lasts a few hours, obviously sometimes you need to step out of the situation and cool down, because if you don’t cool down, most likely either of you will say something you’ll regret.  I try my best to approach any situation as calm as possible and really empathize with the other person I’m disagreeing with because even if we think we’re right, we live in our own reality and everyone takes things differently.  With getting worried about the future,  I feel like my life long journey is just trying to live in the present because it’s super difficult for me.  I’m a planner and I’m always planning the future which can a lot of the times, not be a good thing.  My meditation teacher was telling me about how us as humans tend to get too attached to everything, material things, people, and especially ideas about the future.  We have to let our thoughts be more fluent because if you’re caught up in an idea about how your future will turn out, and you don’t reach that, that’s when suffering comes in.  

It sounds like you guys love each other a lot, and while you’re arguing just remember, that fighting is also a good thing.  If there was no passion, and you guys didn’t care about each other, you wouldn’t argue because you don’t argue with people you don’t care about.  During the time of anxiety where you’re in a disagreement just take a step out of that disagreement, and remember that both of you love each other, you’re both people, and you’re bound to have many disagreements in the future, it’s all just a part of learning.  I think it’s good for couples to argue in a healthy way, and not in an emotionally abusive way.  I think communication is key when it comes to fighting.  Last tip; never go to bed angry.

hope that made sense/helps


Anonymous said: What are your favourite kinds of tea?

My all time favourite, what I make at home, is ginger-honey-lemon tea with a dash of cayenne pepper.  It may sound weird but I boil water with ginger in it, then add a few drops of lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey with a little bit of cayenne pepper. It has a bunch of health benefits and I find that ginger really soothes me and calms me down, ginger’s also really great for digestion.  If I’m having a more sweet tooth I like to drink my mom’s hungarian tea, I’m not sure exactly what is in it but it’s a little caramel-ie and sweet just by itself, but i like to add a little milk and sugar to it as well.  Hungary literally has the best teas though and the best tea houses.  I also tried a really nice “peaches and cream” tea from David’s Tea.  I’m not picky with teas, but loose leaf teas are definitely the way to go for me. lol i just wrote a whole paragraph about tea, and I could go on.


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pigeonfriend said: Hi Anna!! It's yas alroe!! I just wanna thank you again for promoting me that one time I kno it sounds silly but honestly it has helped me so much like I have a new online store and I've sold a bunch of things to people and they have all been insta followers from Canada which I only had thanks to you!! You are such a wonderful human Anna and I'm so happy that I kno u a lil!! 💞💞💗💗

Aww I’m so happy to hear that! That’s like the least I could do, your illustrations are beautiful you deserve it!!


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