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girls gotta stick together
Anonymous said: There's a couple that looks like you and act like you too! That's so cool

COPY CATS, just kidding that’s super cute.  Someone should take a creepy photo of them and send it to me.  

Anonymous said: hello lovely, i just wanted to ask you something that might be a little personal. since you and your sister are feminists i wanted to know who are some of the women (or men) that have had an influence in your life and in your views on feminism i guess lol. by the way, i love what you and your sister stand for, your work is fucking inspiring <3 xxoo

I think my mom and my dad were a huge part of how petra and I grew up.  They didn’t put limitations on us, they really taught us strong morals, and taught us to not judge others and to accept ourselves. They never had a problem with anything we wore, we were never not allowed to do, say, or wear things, as long as we weren’t hurting others.  My other inspirations I think is mainly just growing up with a supportive sister, and tavi also helped me become more comfortable in myself, and I can tell her anything and she wouldn’t judge me for it.  Celia or “ceedling” on youtube is one of my favs too, she talks a lot about confidence, body images, feminism etc. Also the all time idol is Gloria Steinem.  I also think Tina Fey is just the best. Her auto biography is the best thing ever. literally lol for days. But ya I just love strong women in general, like a lot of my friends inspire me, and adults/teachers in my life.

Anonymous said: Hey Anna did you know you had a twin couple in grade 10 at rosedale? Hahaha isn't that so funny

haha what does that even mean? 

Anonymous said: Can you post a picture of your prom dress


Anonymous said: would you ever like to go to sziget festival in budapest??

yes! i miss everything about budapest.  I would go in a split second.  My entire family is there so if I had the money I would go.

Anonymous said: how do you think you know when you're in love?

It’s hard to describe. I think you know you’re in love with someone when you don’t question whether or not you’re in love with them if that makes sense? I think love is something that’s constantly growing, and love is doing anything for the other person, feeling your best when you’re with that person, and giving.  I feel like you know you’re in love when it makes you happier to see your significant other happy.  When everything seems more fun and exciting when you’re doing it with your partner like walking in a park. There’s like a million ways to describe love, and love is different for everyone.  No relationship is the same and it’s hard to compare relationships but that’s what love is to me anyway.

Anonymous said: Where did you buy your red bomber jacket?

Mark the cobrasnake gave it to me when I was in LA

elayl said: I thought I would give you an update! (I messaged you earlier asking for advice on telling my friend how I felt about him) SO, I ended up telling him. And he didn't directly return the feelings but nothing is weird! And who knows what might happen, right?! I'm glad I told him. Thanks for giving me a push in the right direction Anna!

Aw congrats!!

Anonymous said: Favourite places you've traveled?

Big Sur, Budapest Hungary, LA, New York, and Portland Oregon 


colormechaos said: Hi Anna, I just came across your tumblr today and I just wanted to let you know that you seem like a genuinely rad person. And your posts giving advice about anxiety, body images etc. are super relatable. Really appreciate what you post :)

thank you so much, that means everything to me <3